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Our Patients Deserve the Best

We believe our patients deserve extraordinary safety measures, guaranteed privacy, and the most advanced digital, laboratory, and laser technologies available today.

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Advanced Technology

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Clean Air

Our advanced negative pressure system removes the air from the room and treats it through oxidizers and ionizers every 4 minutes to ensure our patients breathe clean, purified air. The air is filtered, electrostatically charged, scrubbed, sterilized with intense UV light, and purified fresh clean air is returned from outside the room. And although treatment is up close and personal, the negative pressure system forces directional airflow away from the patient and staff like mechanically powered social distancing. This innovative technology protects our patients and our dental team by ensuring aerosols and mists cannot remain in the room or spread to other rooms.

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Surgical Purity

In addition to surpassing normal sanitization standards, our surgical areas are custom-
designed to ensure nothing touches the floor.

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Digital Dentistry

From gunk-free digital impressions and high-definition digital imaging to our digital lab and 3D printing technology, we specialize in using the latest in modern advancements.

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Guided Implant Surgery

Originally developed for neurosurgery, our state-of-the-art guided implant technology delivers the most accurate and effective dental implant treatment available today.

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Laser Treatment

Dental Lasers have transformed oral surgery by providing minimally invasive options leading to precision treatment, faster healing, and reduced infection risk.

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Patient Privacy

We’ve intentionally engineered the office flow to provide privacy for patients, including a secluded exit for our sedation patients.

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