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Dentistry has always been challenging, and today we are faced with not only complications from teeth and the surrounding hard and soft tissues, but also from the introduction of dental implants. Today there are more than 5 million implants being placed in the US and UK annually, and we understand that dental implants host a myriad of challenges. It is clearly understood today that dental implants are not a ‘tooth replacement’, but are often the best solution we have to replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Because of this, we need to understand how teeth and implants function differently, interact with each other as neighbors in the oral cavity, and how to mitigate the many complications that can and often happen over time. This talk will cover concepts of implant mechanics, occlusion, and full-mouth rehabilitation of teeth and implants.

RMDS Spear Study Club


Topic: Gingiva Asymmetry and the Wear Case
Svetlana is a 34-year-old who had gingival asymmetry and occlusal plane issues. She had multiple endos and dentistry done in an Eastern European style that needed to be replaced. This is a moderately complex case that can be done by most interdisciplinary teams if they plan well.

Tax, Business, and Financial Management for Practice Owners


Join the 5% of dentists who can afford to retire at age 65. Using these winning financial strategies, you can develop a game plan to increase your net worth, reach financial freedom, and reduce stress. This hard-hitting program contains tried and true strategies - gleaned from over 35 years of working exclusively with the dental profession.

Highlights include:
• Creative strategies to slash taxes
• Practice building and overhead control to boost profitability
• Winning saving and debt reduction strategies
• How to cut children’s educational costs by 50% or more
• Ways to save thousands in unnecessary insurance costs
• Tax-deductible retirement savings strategies
• How to maximize tax-free income
• Strategies for increasing business tax deductions

RMDS Spear Study Club


Topic: The Esthetic Management of Short or Worn Anterior Teeth
Tooth wear may be the single most challenging treatment planning issue for dentists. Anterior wear can present dilemmas that require multiple disciplines to solve and understanding the etiology is key to finding the best solutions. In this module, Frank Spear walks through a selection of cases that will stimulate conversation and improve understanding of treating the worn dentition.

12th Annual HACIS Conference in Vail, CO

Time TBD

The High Altitude Comprehensive Implant Symposium (HACIS) is a one-of-a-kind dental implant conference where world-renowned speakers from across the globe gather to explore the intricacies of bone management and implantology in an intimate and interactive environment.But HACIS isn't just about enriching your professional expertise; it's about forging unforgettable memories on and off the slopes, savoring world-class cuisine, and immersing yourself in the camaraderie of like-minded dental professionals.

  • World-renowned speakers from around the globe - including our very own Dr. Horrocks and Dr. Cole!
  • Cutting-edge implantology and guided bone regeneration topics.
  • Intimate setting and engaging learning environment.
  • Ski the amazing slopes of Vail, Colorado between hands-on workshops and lectures.

Learn more and register online here!

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